A Few Things You Need To Know About Endoscopy

If you don’t have medical knowledge and you would be asked about the endoscopy what would be your opinion?

What kind of process is it?

Is Endoscopy safe or not?

Is it a kind of surgery?

Can I die during endoscopy?

Normally these are the questions asked by the people who are not much aware of endoscopy and it’s process. Keeping the discussion short, endoscopy is actually a process. It’s not any kind of surgery. Normally it’s not even done by a specialist doctor. A medical practitioner or an endoscope operator will do it. And if properly done it’s pretty safe.

But a couple of things can make the process dangerous. Endoscopy should be done by an expert. A person who is experienced enough to operate the machine and has the abilities to handle any kind of situation during the process.

Secondly the endoscope and its components are working fine. If the endoscope is damaged it can be damaging for the patient too. So a good quality endoscope operated by an expert is all you need to keep the endoscopy process safe and sound.

And in case you are someone who is related to endoscopy i.e. you work in a hospital or you own a clinic or hospital where endoscopy is done. I got some advice for you as well. You are already charging enough funds from the patients. Provide good quality services to your patients.

Always let an expert handle the endoscopy process. And keep your machine in good condition. For that some parts need to be replaced every now and then to keep the endoscopy process safe. And these parts are not costly at all. You can spend a few bucks on these parts and your endoscope will work like a new one.  For example, bending rubbers and O-Rings are available for around $10. And the parts are usually damaged after using it a few times. As you need to rotate and bend different endoscope parts to keep the perfect focus and examine the part properly. So these parts are extensively used and there are chances that some of these may be damaged and need a replacement.

So being a good endoscopy operator or a clinic or hospital administrator or owner, you should get these parts replaced for the safety of your patients. And being a patient you should assure, the process is done by an expert and the machine is in good shape, if all is good, it can’t be harmful for you at all.

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