A Guide To Endoscopy Repairs

An endoscope is one of the significant pieces of equipment used in various surgeries at a hospital to detect heart-related disorders and during angioplasty. It includes a long tube with a light-emitting diode camera at the tip, which is inserted into the patient’s body.

It is a piece of sensitive equipment that gets damaged by just a mere incident, so endoscopy repair is also facilitated to detect any problems in the previous endoscope. The endoscope can be replaced according to the damage to various parts such as insertion tube, insertion tube boot, insertion tube proximal end fitting and ring.

Insertion lamp tube fitted on the tip of endoscope if damaged can be replaced easily. It is sorted by default order.

Endoscope bending rubber is used in various surgeries and can also be replaced easily.

Endoscope bending section mesh is a layer between the bending rubber and the inside bending part. It is composed of a stainless steel braid and has a small diameter.

The endoscope having damaged nozzles, lights and holders can also be replaced and repaired instead of replacing the whole endoscope.

Specific tips can be adopted to prevent the types of repairs in future, such as handle the distal end and nozzle with great care, carefully clean the nozzle openings as debris from towels can also clog them. Similarly, the channels in the endoscope can be hardened over time. They can be blocked with hardening material if not flushed within due time. Thus, the endoscope requires special handling techniques and must be used with great care.

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