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All About Bending Section Endoscope

Endoscopes and endoscopic accessories are extremely important during surgical procedures in medical sciences. Endoscopes help detect any infection by inserting it into the hollow organ. Bending section endoscope is also a vital component in endoscopes and is a layer of the net between a bending rubber and the inside bending part. It contains a braid of stainless steel having a small diameter. The flexible insertion tube at the last six inches is the distal end.

The bending section comprises three major components encasing the internal elements. Those three components from the interior to the exterior of the scope are called bending section, bending mesh, and bending rubber. Bending mesh is a small wired sleeve similar in appearance. Bronchoscopes used in bronchoscopy contain a fine wire or silk braided mesh. Larger diameter scopes used for longer endoscopy techniques contain wire mesh.

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