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Best Endoscope Accessories

The top 5 endoscopic accessories with their features are given below:

  1. Ri-Standard Direct Illuminated Laryngoscope set with Macintosh Blades.

Vacuum light provides high quality and reliable illumination. High-quality metal material is durable and hygienic for longevity. A fluted handle surface provides a better grip for greater comfort and control. A Unique and well-engineered blade design facilitates safety and comfort for better client easiness during tube insertion.

  1. Macintosh flexible fiber optic Blade

Innovation blades design facilitates safe and easy intubation. A flexible blade with a bendable distal end is more comfortable to use. Unique design provides an optimal view of vocal cords and larynx. Xenon fibre optic light provides superior light intensity for better visibility.

  1. Sterile Disposable Endoscope Warmer

Designed to keep endoscopes warm at the ready for easy use. It has the capability to pre-heat multiple endoscopes to body temperature in less than a minute. It is packaged after making it sterile to make sure it is hygienic and save costs on decontamination. The design is easy to use that provides one hour of warming time on each side. Disposable and environmentally friendly for the ultimate convenience in the warmer.

  1. Grafco laryngoscope set

Helps obtain a vocal fold and glottis view. Each set includes four different size blades. Available in miller or macintosh fiber optic blades. A medium C battery handle provides a light source. Sed during tracheal intubation and general anaesthesia.

  1. Doctor Fog Anti-fog endoscopy lens treatment

Removes fog without interrupting the procedure. Reduces frustration caused y prolonged operating time. An adhesive-Backed Sponge Allows for placement in the sterile field. Contains no natural rubber latex.

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