Endoscope: One Of The Greatest Inventions

The inventor of the endoscope must be an intelligent person. At the one end he has created a machine that can take visuals of the inner parts of the patient. And on the other end he has saved the patients from going through the unwanted surgeries. Monthly thousands of people are saved from surgery thanks to the endoscopy procedure.

A doctor or endoscope operator inserts an endoscope in a patient’s body and checks out the infected area. And it can even be used to take out a sample from the infected part to see whether it can be treated through medicine. And in most of the cases it can be. Means a surgery can be avoided.

Another thing that proves the inventor an intelligent person is the shape of the endoscope. Because of its shape and thin body it can be inserted in the body through mouth or anus pretty easily. And then he has used so many small components. That’s a good move as well. Keeping parts small and making a number of components keeps its elasticity high. And due to small components you can change these small components instead of completing the complete part.

All types of parts are available in the market and they can be easily replaced.  There are some parts those are extensively used and you may need them in different diameters. For example Small Diameter Subassemblies are available in different diameters and sizes. It also includes an insertion tube and bending section and light bundle and some other parts.

An insertion tube is the part that’s mainly used. Actually it’s the part that’s been inserted in the patient’s body. Sometimes due to damaged parts the section needs to be replaced. So instead of replacing the complete endoscope it’s better that you would replace these parts.

Apart from that sometimes a smaller diameter subassembly is required depending on the patient and the process requestie. So these can be bought in different diameters and used accordingly.

So overall, endoscopy has made things less complicated and a large number of cases are handled through different types of endoscopies instead of surgeries. That’s a big achievement. Salute to the endoscopy inventor.

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