Endoscopy Vs Surgery

Endoscopy has proved to be the best substitute of surgery in most of the cases. Even though the use of endoscopy was started as a diagnostic process. Inserting a tube inside your body and capturing the visual of the inner parts particularly of the affected area. Once the problem is diagnosed the doctors begin the treatment accordingly. In most of the cases medicines can heal up the damage.

But the innovations in endoscopy have made it possible to perform minor surgeries through this process. Doctors can take samples of the affected area. They can remove stone from the duct. Or doctors can place a stent inside your body. A tumor can be handled very effectively through this process. During the whole process the endoscope stays inside the body, it’s removed once all done.

Insertion Tube For Endoscopy plays a vital role in all such procedures. An elastic and flexible insertion tube is easy to move inside. With the help of bending rubber it can bend freely without damaging the sensitive inner parts of the patients. Low quality tubes can result in infection, bleeding or even life endagournig. So one can’t compromise on the quality of the insertion tube of endoscopy.

As far as alternatives of endoscopy are concerned surgery is the major alternative. And you know very well how much painful a surgery can be. There will be scars and cuts, that would need a few days to weeks time for healing up. A surgery can be complicated and chances of infections are on the higher side as well. The cost of surgery is on the higher side too. Apart from that you need to stay at the hospital for some days for surgery. While endoscopy is a short procedure and you can just leave the hospital right after the process. All you would need would be a few hours rest and you are good to go.

So in cases where endoscopy can save you from the surgery, you should always consider opting for endoscopy and save yourself from the lengthy, costly, relatively dangerous surgery process.

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