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Pre And Post Endoscopy Precautions

Endoscopy is a process of diagnosing stomach, liver, and other digestion system-related problems. Normally endoscopy is recommended when there are chances of tumor or inner wounds in the esophagus, stomach, or intestine.

Before we proceed to the pre and post endoscopy precautions, we need to clear one more thing. Precautions are different based on what kind of endoscopy the patient is recommended. There are different kinds of endoscopy but we can differentiate it here in terms of upper and lower. In an upper endoscopy, the endoscope is inserted through the mouth. On the other hand in lower endoscopy, it’s inserted through the anus.

Normally digestions related patients are recommended upper endoscopy. An insertion tube containing a tiny camera and a light is inserted through the mouth of the patient. The doctor will be able to insert and see any area in the digestive tract through the screen attached to the endoscope camera.

In both kinds of endoscopy, you will be asked to keep your stomach empty. Stop eating anything 10 to 12 hours before the process. You will also need to stop taking certain kinds of medication i.e blood-thinning medication. It will take down the chances of bleeding during the endoscopy process. In the case of lower endoscopy, you need to use an enema or take a laxative to remove stool from bowels.

During the process, the endoscope will be inserted through the mouth or anus in your body. The bending section mesh will help it bend and move inside your body with flexibility. The doctor will be able to see inside your body through the screen attached to the endoscope camera. Normally tumors or other health related issues are diagnosed during the process and no further testing is required.

11 mm Bending Section MeshNow coming to post endoscopy precautions. You can feel soar throat or digestion issues or pain in the rectum in case of lower endoscopy. So you will be advised to avoid eating anything for some hours post endoscopy. You shouldn’t drive home after the process. You can feel faint or sleepy so driving is not a good option. You need to take some rest before you get involved in daily routine or get back to work.

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