Risks Involved With Endoscopy

Even though endoscopy is considered safe and risk-free yet there can be some risks involved. The mortality rate is as low as 1 in 10,000. But you can go through health related issues i.e. mild or severe side effects depending on different factors.

The endoscopy is rated as a safe diagnostic process. Normally there aren’t many complications involved in it. But if the process is not done by the expert or the endoscope is not of high quality, particularly its vital parts bending rubber and bending section mesh, the risk factors increases. Bending section mesh plays a very vital role. The flexibility of the insertion tube completely depends on the quality of that part. And just imagine, if the bending part is not flexible enough to bend when inserted in the mouth, what would be the consequences?

Endoscope root VHL- 1170STK
Electronic gastroscope (OEM insertion tube)

And in case the process is not done by an expert it can result in severe side effects or even fatal. So always go for an expert for such procedures. Apart from that, endoscopy can result in none to many side effects. Some patients can have reactions to sedatives and other medications used. In the case of pre-existing diseases related to the lungs, heart, or liver, bleeding may occur. In rare cases, perforation can occur, which may require surgical repair.

Apart from that, the patient may go through different side effects such as fever, chest pain, sore throat, shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing, bloody or black dark-colored stool, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea.

Most of the above side effects will be temporary and a visit to the doctor is not required. But if it takes too long or seems to be persistent, you should consult your doctor. As we have mentioned, it’s a pretty safe process but rarity is always there. Who knows you are the one. So don’t take it lightly and consult your doctor in case of any emergency or some severe kind of reaction.

We didn’t want to frighten you from the process, we still feel it a safe procedure and highly recommend. But rarity is there and you should be cautious about the expert and the equipment used.

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